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Kitchen Renovations: Spend or Save?

Going through the excruciating process of renovating is a hassle, but going through the-spend-and-save calculation list is tricky. Don’t you worry, we are here to briefly explain, where to spend and where to save during kitchen renovations.

Tiles- Save

A lot of people think spending on tiles is essential but the opinion certainly differs! Cheap and good tiles are commonly available, maybe not in your retail stores. You can find them in your out of town wholesale stores. You can use expensive tile for a small space, but if you consider using the same tiles for the entire kitchen your costs will increase.

Countertops- Spend Lavishly

Countertops are a must. So it is very important to get a stylish, durable and easy to maintain one. Investing wisely on a countertop is totally worth it because it takes up a lot of abuse like slamming, banging and scraping.

Cabinets- Save

Custom made pantries are sold at a higher price, but there is nothing wrong with the normal and good ones. If you don’t want to go for the basic ones, then you have the Semi-custom made ones. Semi-custom made cabinets are more reasonable. Or you can always take the basic cabinets and remodel them. For more ideas, you can always search for smart kitchen renovations Melbourne solutions.

Hardware- Spend Lavishly

Handles, knobs, pulls, and bars are used as often. Cheap quality ones will definitely be stripped off after a couple of days and it is devastating. So it is important to install strong and durable ones.

Sink- Save

You can find plenty of simple but durable sinks that will fit your kitchen space perfectly, example: Stainless steel sinks. These sinks are both, durable and affordable. However, there are plenty of other ceramic sinks also available. 

Faucets- Spend Lavishly

Faucets are usually used a lot in kitchens, they are pulled this way and that way and are often opened and closed. So it is very important to get a sturdy and durable faucet. Leaking faucets are the worst, so have no regrets when installing a good and expensive one.

Lighting- Save

Lighting is the key. The lights must be sufficient enough and must provide maximum light to the area. The functionality and quality of work done in the kitchen highly depend on the lighting. There are different inexpensive and trendy lights available to enhance your kitchen.

Appliances- Spend Lavishly

Getting quality and versatile appliances is a very basic requirement. Why? Appliances, in general, are very expensive, so getting the right one is essential. Look for appliances with good warranties, a worthy deal.


The best way to save it gets sturdy and easy to maintain materials for a reasonable price. Materials like tile, hardwood, vinyl, linoleum, cork, and laminate are good flooring options. Make sure the flooring blends in with the rest of the kitchen environment. 

With so many things to consider, it is always best to plan out and keep in mind the basic highlights before doing a project of any sort. If you feel confused plan a budget and get professional help.

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