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How To Reopen Your Summer Home Successfully

If you are reopening your summer home after the long winter, either for yourself or for a guest, then here are a few tips to help you do so successfully.


Send A Cleanup Crew Ahead

If your summer holiday home has not been used all through the colder season and happened to have been closed down, then it goes without saying that your home might now be overrun by insects and perhaps covered in a layer of dust. This is, of course, if you didn’t take the precaution of hiring someone to regularly air out your summer home and keep it dust and insect free in general. In this case, it is always better if you went ahead of the rest of the family, and make sure it is habitable for them. If you don’t have the time or the patience, then hiring a professional cleaning service is your best bet. If you happen to be running a summer let, then this cleaning is not just necessary; it is crucial¾so choose the right people for the job!

Concentrating On The Stars

Let’s admit it: most of our summer homes have a star feature. In general, most Australian summer homes have pools as their featured area of their home. Though less famous, Barbeque grills on porches and outdoor kitchens too happen to be considered the main feature of other houses. Concentrate on these areas. This is especially necessary to do so if you plan on entertaining guests. Other highly visited areas for guests happen to be the garden and the guest toilets. Employing the right gardener can help you more than you expect when it comes to shaping up and maintaining the lush areas of your home.


Vacuuming Or Replacing Mattresses

A closed house is a bad idea in general. your floors get messed up, with wet patches appearing. If you happen to have wet walls, then even the paint coating gets messed up. And despite using dust protector sheets, things like your mattresses and your sofa and dining table chair’s upholsteries can get clogged with dust. This might not be so evident if you don’t have a sensitive nose, or someone allergic to dust in general. Vacuuming your mattresses and sofas gets important in moments like this. If you feel having to hire a professional service for this matter every year is just a little too much for you to deal with, consider buying a steam vacuum cleaner of your own. If you live in the area, look out for promotions and sales at brownies wellington to get new mattresses at a better price.

Fresh Sheets And Curtains

You might be wondering about the necessity of this tip, as it happens to be so simple. But this is one of those easily overlooked things. Always change your sheets after even a short stay away from your summer home. Here, we are not only talking about bed sheets, but about table clothes as well. Always check on your stored away towels before you place them in the bathroom; it might have that unpleasant musty smell.

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