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How to Choose the Right Security Screen Door for Your Home?

Security screen doors are popular among homeowners because of the added protection it gives to your house. Aside from keeping out insects and other pests, it also wards off unwanted guests especially if you’re fond of leaving your front door open for fresh air.

There are actually different kinds of security screen doors out there and each of them differ in their features. For first-timers, choosing the right one might be challenging. This simple guide will help you out in picking the right one that suits your needs and decor.

Assess Security Needs

One of the reasons why people install screen doors is for added security. Take a look in your neighborhood and assess the level of security you need. For instance, if you live in a place where everyone is closely-knit with lower crime rates, you can opt for simple screen doors. However, if you live in a place with high occurrences of break-ins and crime, investing in a high security screen door such as grills is essential. Browse through our collection of high quality and durable security doors Perth for your security screen door needs.

Check the Standards

If you’re living in Australia, check the screen door first if it meets the Australian standards to be sure that it will really live up to its promised safety and security. You may ask the supplier or manufacturer to know more about this information.

Determine what it is Made of

Most screen doors are usually made from stainless steel or aluminium. Choosing the material all depends on your budget and security needs. Aluminium framing is lighter but is much affordable than steel. However, if you’re looking for more security, choose stainless steel ones though they could cost more than the usual screen door.

If you only need screen door to keep insects out, a flyscreen infill will do. On the other hand, steel bar screen door provides the most protection because of its durable design. However, it couldn’t keep the insects out because it doesn’t have a mesh feature. If you want to have security, insect protection, and free flowing breeze all in one, choose steel mesh screen door instead.

Locking System

To keep your home more secure, be sure to choose the right locking system for your screen door. Five pin cylinder locks are the most secure of all making them a perfect choice for screen door locking system. Be sure to install them on three points – top, middle and bottom to make it harder to break into.

Choose Custom Made Designs

To be sure that your security screen door fits your home well, opt for manufacturers that offer custom made designs. With this, you can have the right screen door specifically made to fit your doorway the best way possible.

Keeping your home safe and secure is important. By choosing the right security screen door to add into your property, you are investing in you and your family’s safety and security in the long run.

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