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Go Outside For A Change, A Big Change

Going outside is despised by many teenagers and I see why they do that, but going outside actually changes you for the better. For starters, you will know that butterflies still exist in this world. Trust me, you’ll thank me later if you go outside for a change. Continue reading if you want to learn the benefits of going outside and maybe you’ll have an idea as to what you may say to your children if you ever want to make them go outside. Let’s get started!

Improved Memory

It might not be realistic, but you should at least consider that going outside will improve your memory. There’s actually a scientific explanation for this benefit. This is because exposing yourself to the sunlight will result to more synaptic release of glutamate and this substance improves the learning and memory of a living being. If you don’t believe it, then search it up and you’ll realize that I’m saying the truth. Now that you know how it will change your memory, why not go outside every time you have upcoming exams?

Normal Vision

Well, what is really the benefit when I say normal vision? If your vision isn’t improved when you go outside, then what’s the point? The truth is, you will have a hard time with your vision when your eyes lack the presence of sunlight. Being deprived from the sunlight results to the alterations of the shape of your eyeballs and this will vision. If you don’t want to be half-blind because of staying inside, then go outside and enjoy the sunlight. However, don’t expose yourself too much, you can check out our 10×10 gazebo replacement canopy if you like. This way, you have a special place to stay whenever you think your sunlight is enough.


Research says that spending more time in a place with nature will boost the creativity in our mind. This might not be backed with scientific evidence, but they definitely found out that many people going outside are more creative than your average person. This might be because you have many things to explore and thus, you’re learning more and more and being creative more and more, too.

Stress Relief

This benefit is also backed with scientific evidence. Getting more sunlight means producing more serotonin. Serotonin is a hormone that helps with calming and controlling someone’s mood, thus the stress relief benefit. However, just like everything else, too much won’t do you any good, so control yourself. Make sure to prioritize your health more than your mood.

If you think you’re ready to finally go outside, prepare your eyes and journey through the outside world.


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