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Experience is Key to Choosing the Right Inspector

Buyers often feel that when purchasing a property they don’t require the services of an experienced building inspections provider. In actuality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. It is vital that you select a licenced, highly experienced property inspector to ensure that your potential purchase is up to standard, and that down the track you don’t get left with a huge hole in your savings paying for unneeded repair bills.

As one of the premier providers of thorough, unbiased building inspections in the Adelaide region, Precise Property Inspections thought we would share with you the importance of choosing a highly experienced provider of inspections before you take the plunge and buy.

The Characteristics of an Experienced Inspector

 This is one of the fallacies that leads to homebuyers paying huge amounts for repair bills. The short answer to this question is no, building inspections providers vary greatly in quality.

There are certain things to look out for when selecting a highly experienced inspector, and not some run of the mill layabout recommended by a dodgy real estate agent.

These attributes include:

  1. Understanding: Does the property inspector have a profound understanding of the nature of construction and, therefore, the deterioration of a property over time?
  2. Knowledge: Does your potential inspector have a thorough knowledge and understanding of all building trades and not just that of carpentry?
  3. Costs: Your inspector should have a detailed knowledge of the expenses of trades. They should know what costs what, and how much tradesmen should be getting paid to provide their service.
  4. The Industry: The inspector should have a detailed knowledge of the real estate industry. They should have a firm knowledge of the ways in which agents will try and lull unsuspecting buyers into purchasing a property that may have structural damage or other faults.
  5. Guidance: The inspector should always, of course, be on the side of the buyer. They should be able to assist them every step of the way, including providing accurate advice on decision making and negotiating prices with vendors.
  6. Communication: Your inspector should be an expert communicator, and should never leave their client hanging when they are need of information.

Contact the team Who Ticks These Boxes

As we mentioned earlier, not all building inspection providers are the same, and they certainly don’t all fit the above criteria. We here at Precise Property Inspections, a top provider of building inspections in Adelaide and beyond, pride ourselves on ticking the above boxes.

We care greatly about ensuring our clients get the best result from their property inspections, and with this always work to provide accurate, thorough and unbiased property inspections, so that you can always get the best deal on the property you want to purchase.





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